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The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do is to build a more peaceful world. To accomplish this goal Tae Kwon Do begins with the foundation, the individual. The Art strives to develop the character, personality, and positive moral and ethical traits in each practitioner. It is upon this "foundation" of individuals possessing positive attitudes and characteristics that the "end goal" may be achieved.
Tae Kwon Do strives to develop the positive aspects of an individual's personality: Respect, Courtesy, Goodness, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Humility, Courage, Patience, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, an Indomitable Spirit and a sense of responsibility to help and respect all forms of life. This takes a great deal of hard training and many do not reach far enough to achieve perfection in all of these aspects. However, it is the physical, mental, and spiritual effort which the individual puts forth that develops the positive attributes and image of both the individual and how he or she perceives others.
By helping mold an individual into a well-rounded and responsible person, the individual can pass onto others, through both his teachings and his personal actions, the principles he has learned through his Tae Kwon Do training. Individuals unite and become a family, families come together and form a community, communities merge and develop into a nation, and nations are what make up our present-day world. In order to help build a more peaceful world, Tae Kwon Do starts with one person at a time. Gradually groups form, dojangs (schools) emerge, organizations develop, until Tae Kwon Do's philosophy has influenced, in a positive way, enough persons, families, communities, and nations, to someday bring about, or at least help bring about, the unification of nations dedicated to helping each other.
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Welcome to Dujon Taekwondo (WTF)

Taekwondo (also spelled Tae Kwon Do or Taekwon-Do) is the most popular of the Korean martial arts and is the Korean national sport. It is also one of the world's most commonly practised sports. The World Taekwondo Federation's (WTF) style of Taekwondo is currently an Olympic sport.

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What does Tae kwon Do mean?

In Korean, derived from hanja, Tae means "to kick or destroy with the foot"; Kwon means "to punch with the fist"; and Do means "way" or "art". Hence, Taekwondo is loosely translated as "the art of kicking and punching" or "the way of the foot and the fist.

Why choose Taekwondo?

Taekwondo's popularity has resulted in the divergent evolution of the art. As with many other martial arts, Taekwondo is a combination of combat technique, sport, exercise, entertainment, and philosophy.
Although there are great doctrinal and technical differences among Taekwondo styles, the art in general emphasizes kicks thrown from a mobile stance, using the leg's greater reach and power to disable the opponent from a distance. In sparring, roundhouse, front, axe, and side kicks are most often used, advanced kicks include jump, spin, skip, and drop kicks, often in combination.

How does Taekwondo training differentiate from other arts?

Taekwondo training includes a comprehensive system of hand strikes and blocks, but generally does not emphasize grappling or close-in combat, or at least not before the 1st Degree Black Belt.
Taekwondo is famed for its employment of kicking techniques, which distinguishes it from martial arts such as Karate or certain southern styles of Kung Fu. The rationale is that the leg is the longest and strongest weapon a martial artist has, and kicks thus have the greatest potential to strike without retaliation.
Taekwondo as a sport and exercise is popular with people of both sexes and of many ages. Physically, Taekwondo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina. An example of the union of mental and physical discipline is the breaking of boards, which requires both physical mastery of the technique and the concentration to focus one's strength.

Code Of Conduct


Show respect to your instructor and fellow students at all times. Always bow when entering and leaving the Dojang (training hall). It is a sign of good manners to bow and shake hands at the start and end of each class with your instructor and fellow students. Always aim to attend the class on time. Arriving late is also seen is as sign of disrespect.


Keep talking to a minimum during rest periods and do not talk at all while the class is in session. Any fooling around is regarded as bad manners and highly disrespectful to your instructor.


Dujon Tae Kwon Do is a serious club for those with a serious attitude to martial arts. We want you to have fun but work hard when training. We welcome anyone to our club but if you attend you must be prepared to have the same positive attitude to your training. Whether your desire is to get fit or to enter competition we will do our best to help. Nothing however will be achieved without your hard work and determination.


It is advisable to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing which will not restrict movement. Sportswear is acceptable if you do not have a Tae Kwon Do uniform. All uniforms must be kept clean and ironed. Jewelry must always be removed. Your appearance is a reflection of the pride you have in yourself and in your club.

Stay focused

Strive to improve yourself and always aim be the best that you can be. Question anything you do not understand. Your instructor is there to help. If you attend classes then be prepared to train hard. Tae Kwon Do at the highest level is an artistic form of self-defense. This level can only be attained by sheer hard work.


Good sporting behavior is important. The skills you learn to attack and defend can easily cause injury. Treat your training partner with courtesy. Be aware that this person is your friend. Aim to strike with control and accuracy at all times.


Never leave litter in the Dojang. For this reason we do not allow any food into the training hall. Take all empty bottles with you and do not leave anything behind at the end of a class.

Conduct outside of class

Using your skills for any purpose other than for self-defense will be deemed grounds for your dismissal.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information on Dujon Taekwondo.


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